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So HAPPY with my Virgin Mary Tattoo!‎

 By jcvillarreal - Dec 13, 2009
I've been wanting this tattoo for almost 2 years. I searched for the right artist who knew what I had in mind. Johnny Jackson drew up the perfect drawing. The colors are so vivid and true and he is such a talented artist. My Virigin Mary with the "Day of the Dead" theme is so beautiful. I could not have asked for a better tattoo. I look forward to getting more ink and am so happy with the tattoo. My husband is ready to go under the needle next. And Annette is so sweet and nice and makes you feel so welcomed in the studio

Best customer service‎
By Hot Mamma - Dec 13, 2009
This shop has it all, great artists, amazing customer service... they have a receptionist that always takes care of your needs.. and The girl that is in all the magazines is there that is cool.. I got a peice for my son there and they took such good care of me.. I love it. I am so glad I found it!‎

The best tattoo studio in houston
By Jpolowsky - Nov 17, 2009

I heard of Texas Body Art from the magazines and just had to go see for myself .
They treated me with care and designed my tattoo that same day and it came out beautiful!
I had no idea it would come out so good.I will refer them to my family and friends.

Perfection 3-26-08 henry b.

if you are looking to have a tattoo done by a serious professional texas body art is the place to be. the shop is extremely clean, well decorated, and full of friendly people, artists, and employes all of which are willing to help throughout the entire process involved with tattooing. keeping all this in mind this IS NOT one of those type of shops located next to your favorite bar that caters to drunks looking for a cheap quickie that gives them bragging rights for the weekend, as i said before these are world class tattoo artists who will not compromise the quality of their work. I myself traveled from New Orleans just to be tattooed at texas body art by Johnny Jackson, and loved every second of it as i'm sure past, present, and future customers all do, have, and will. great service. great people. great art.

Hell Yeah!

i had a great experience at texas body art. everyone there was very cool to me and my friends and also very professional. i'm stoked about the work that johnny jackson did for me. the colors are really vivid and he worked with great precision. i was also very impressed with what i saw the other artitsts working on. cant wait for the next time that i'm in houston so i can get some more ink.

Great Place!

kathleen T.

Great work! Great artists! Gabe did a great job! I won't use anyone else. If you want a great tattoo go to texas Body Art!! The place is clean and professional! I have other tattoos and Gabe did the best work! I will definately be back. Texas Body Art is well worth the money! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience ! Thanks Guys! See you soon!

Texas Body Art From J.Ray 'shovelpig'

J.Ray P. 5 Texas Body Art

Johnny Jackson's Texas Body Art is the best..Johnny did my portrait piece and I love it.The shop is the best I've seen,and the people are great.Professional work worth traveling for.I came from Tennessee to get my last piece and will gladly make the trip back for another one.Thanks to Johnny and the beautiful Mizuz Inkaholik,Gabe,Casandra,Amy and all the crew.It was hard to leave...I wanted to stay and get covered!

When only THE Very BEST will do!!!

willy n. 5 Texas Body Art

Recently I had the pleasure of a new tattoo at Johnny Jackson's Texas Body Art. I travelled from Atlanta to have Gabe do a Roger Waters tat before the concert in Houston. This place is the best that I've ever been to. It was well worth the trip. Johnny and Gabe worked with me to get a unique piece of skin art that attracts attention every single day. Johnny convinced me to do a full sleeve in order to tell a story that I want to tell so I'll be making the drive as many times as necessary. The people at Texas Body Art are just the finest, to each and all I thank you for a great experience and can't wait to get back.

World Class Tattoo place

leslie mcdonald f. 5 Texas Body Art

They are very helpful and the artists are always great.My family has been getting tattooed here for years and when my friends go to other places they always end up envying our tattoos we got at Texas Body Art .
The old location on Hwy 6 were trying to trick us into coming there but we went there and its no comparrison.
I would highly recommend this place for first class service

Amazingly Friendly, Awesome Art, Resonably priced... can't beat it

Lonna S. 5 Texas Body Art

I got my 2nd tattoo tonight at Texas Body Art. I had Nate as my artist. He drew out an awesome piece on my foot, and inked it with precision and amazing attention to detail. I had read all the great reviews on these guys and they were 100% correct!! If you're looking for some ink pay Nate at Texas Body Art a visit. The people are very cool and down to earth. Thanks for the amazing job Nate!! Vivere Ad Alta Voce !! LIVE OUT LOUD!!

Texas Body Art is the best

Bulent I. 5 Texas Body Art

I just got one yesterday from David Grey and he simply created a timeless masterpiece !!...
dont waste your time looking around, this is the place...

Texas Body Art: Wold Class Tattooing and Peircing

Alkatraz v. 5 Texas Body Art

Texas Body Art is one of the top 20 studios in the world. They have also been voted "Best of Houston" and they also have won numerous other awards.

I actually flew down there to get a tattoo and I could not be more happy. The price was amazing and the staff is friendly and they really care about your happiness.

You can get custom work here or you can choose from flash designs that are already made. Please check these guys out or get work down by them as they travel for the various tattoo conventions.

Posted 03/17/08

Clean and Sterile

Melinda A. | insider_expert Insider Expert | 

I have never been in a tattoo parlor before, but this was probably one of the cleanist businesses I have ever seen. The people were great in offering suggestions and being helpful in what to get. The prices seem reasonable. The instruments were sterile. The tattoo artist wear gloves, and the area was just neat and orderly. They were very aware that this was my first tattoo and explained to get something small, just incase I do regret getting one, however, this was on of my better choices. They give you directions in taking care of the tattoo. Loved it. If I wanted another tatttoo, I would definitely go back there again.

Posted 03/10/06

By Pablo - Oct 23, 2009
I went here for my first tattoo ever and i have to say the work done by my artist from this location was outstanding. I came into the shop with a picture in hand, and the artist created something unbelievable. The compliments i get from people regarding my tattoo are unbelievable. I never thought i could go through with it, but for the money its quite literally a masterpiece! I love my Phoenix. I wish i could remember who did it, but man i should have tipped him more than 40 bucks! Oh well! I recommend it 150%.‎
Awesome Tattoo Artists!‎
By KeiGhlynn - Sep 21, 2009
I got my first and so far only tattoo from Dave here at Texas Body Art. I got a hibiscus flower on my hip, he drew it himself, it came out so beautiful exactly what i was looking for! Although it was very painful I was done in twenty minutes. Very sweet guy. Thanks so much and ill be back for any further inking needs ...‎ More »
I got my first and so far only tattoo from Dave here at Texas Body Art. I got a hibiscus flower on my hip, he drew it himself, it came out so beautiful exactly what i was looking for! Although it was very painful I was done in twenty minutes. Very sweet guy. Thanks so much and ill be back for any further inking needs =]
By harmcityfire - Jul 10, 2009
I was traveling through this area ..Spent several years looking and waiting to find the RIGHT artist for the work I wanted done... Then I came across Johnny Jackson and found what I was looking for !! I cannot tell you how happy I am ...

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